Online PR Tips to Win

Mar 20, 2017

Are you rated a top seed by your customers? With March Madness about to tip off, now is a great time to up your game by taking your company’s public relations (PR) strategy online. Don’t take a seat on the bench, be proactive and show you are a team player with these public relations pointers to win over customers.

Digital News Sites


Score some free publicity on internet news feeds. Submit articles to free online submission sites, like HubPages and eHow, which are always looking for click-worthy, bracket-buster content. Pitch your winning press releases to online news sites and industry publications. One shining moment and your info could get shared across multiple sites. 

Draw up a winning PR strategy by pitching engaging stories — don’t just market yourself. Got a prime-time team member working for your company? Put them in the game. Editors want good storytelling and innovative ways to present information, not a marketing one-sheeter. Enlist one of our content marketing experts if you need an assist.

Online Reviews


Online reviews are a huge part of  good PR strategy and they contribute to your rank online. Take the offensive and monitor what customers are saying about your business on social media and review sites. While you’ll always attract haters, play some solid (but cordial) defense against negative reviews and you’ll win over new customers.

Reasonable people know you can’t please everyone, and they appreciate when you take the time to politely respond to complaints, no matter how ridiculous. Give customers who post good reviews a virtual high-five by responding and saying thanks.

Bloggers and Brand Influencers


Bloggers and brand influencers are looking for good PR just as much as you. Recruit a brand influencer with a large following of fanatic fans to be your cheerleader. Influencer marketing is expected to explode in popularity this year, so now is the time to get in the game. See if a popular blogger or leader in your industry is willing to write about your product, service or attend a company event. Any targeted exposure from an influencer will set you up to attract five-star prospects.

Social Media


Social media sites provide the perfect PR recruitment tool. Set up filters on your social networking accounts so you can monitor anything said online about your company. Don’t let a bad scouting report ruin your entire game plan. Respond to all questions and complaints in a timely manner, and don’t forget to send a quick thanks to customers who champion your company.

If you follow these online PR strategy tips, you’re sure to win over new customers and keep your current clients cheering. Our team is here to help you perfect your shot.

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