Loves and Loathes | The Winter Edition

Jan 26, 2017

At Fight For Small, we fight for our small business clients in the digital marketing arena all day, every day. We are design, web development, marketing, social media, sales and content warriors. On occasion, we like to throw our digital boxing gloves on the ground, we stop staring at our computer screens and we laugh uncontrollably.

We FIGHT for small businesses because we LOVE them, so while most of the time our Fight For Small team is all ‘sunshine and rainbows’, on occasion we get pretty riled up and all like ‘bro, that's the WORST."


Things we love:

  1. Pyro Power. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. We aren’t advocating starting open fires, but for sure to snuggle up by a contained one because baby, it’s cold outside.

  2. Seat warmers. Toasty buns for the win!

  3. Winter workouts. We’re so thankful that group fitness is a thing. While I appreciate my fitness workouts all year through, in the winter I’m especially grateful. We’re burning away the winter blues one squat shoulder press at at time.

  4. Teeth whitening. When you’re cold and a caffeine believer, you double down on the coffee. Coffee can take some of the sparkle of your pearly whites away.

  5. Fleece-lined leggings. The comfort of a legging paired with the warmth of fleece. Heck yes. Warning: you can misappropriate the use of a legging and for that I recommend that you proceed with caution and #CYA (though we can debate about how good the A).

  6. Awards Season. Let the creative credits roll. Here’s a list of save the dates.

  7. Hygge. Winter gives you an excuse to try Hygge. It’s all about creating warmth, community and rituals to help enhance your life throughout the colder months. Take a breath to find joy in simple things.

  8. Nostalgia. After big white out level snows I’ll see kids sledding down a hill. One might think I’m reminded of my own childhood, but actually I’m transported back to an all but snowed-in collegiate Muncie winter and an intoxicatingly dangerous game of human bowling.

  9. Hot showers. You have to love a shower so hot that your skin is red. AHHHHHH. This is such a relaxing thought, just disregard the fact that you’ll eventually have to get OUT.

  10. Snow before Christmas is cool.


Things we loathe:

  1. You’re late. When Christmas leftovers and lights venture too far into the winter months. Hey! We appreciate the twinkle of beautiful lights just as much as the next person, but the ‘magic of it all’ loses its luster the longer we venture into 2017.

  2. Recommended reading or listening prompts. While you’ll never hear me fully knock the capabilities of Spotify or my Kindle, it does encourage ‘more of the same’ and while I like what I like, sometimes I want to be thrown a curveball. I want these algorithms to expand my horizons.

  3. RBF’s. Disclaimer: I have one. Therefore, I’m hyper aware of when my face is displaying dismay, even when I’m one happy camper. Winter makes all people walk around with one. Mentally defrost and try to smile.

  4. Lack of produce. I want some veggies on the grill like whoa.

  5. Cinematic dry spells. All good movies are released in December, so many good movies in fact that you cannot possibly keep up. Socially, December is a big month for most Americans and yet in January when things slow down and you want to be indoors the box office falls asleep. For shame!

  6. Memes gone wrong. For whatever reason, these winter months have brought about memes telling you to tag a person’s name, courtesy of an unattractive person. I find this rude and offensive on all fronts. Stop the insanity.

  7. Return lines in January. Waiting in lines triggers my need to online shop. Online shopping is too convenient. My bank account hates that I love online shopping, but my patience loves it. A girl can’t win!

  8. Price surges. Plane tickets to warmer climates go through the roof. Demand will do it to you.

  9. The shortest ‘days’ ever. The winter months are so dark. We wake in the dark, leave work in the dark and go to the gym in the dark. Leaving me singing ‘Mr. Sun, Sun. Mr. Golden Sun, Please Shine Down On Me.’ in my head.

  10. Snow after Christmas is cruel.




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