Happy Birthday Fight For Small

Jan 26, 2017

We’re celebrating a major milestone – our first full year in business! While we spent much of the last 365 days learning evolving and adapting to change, we’re proud of the fact that we made it through our inaugural year.  

In the world of digital marketing, that’s no small feat. As the online marketing world becomes more crowded, it’s never been more important to cut through the noise and differentiate yourself from the competition. When we launched the Fight For Small initiative two years ago as an offshoot of inSourceCode and then became our own LLC in January 2016, our singular mission was to help small businesses improve their online presence.

We accomplished that objective successfully, gaining 43 new clients last year to add to our growing list of 104 small business customers. We improved overall efficiency and provided more quality work than ever before. We followed a business model that required little overhead and ran our company in a very lean fashion. Our frugality benefits our clients. Our goal for 2017 is to grow so fast, it hurts! We want to provide our value to small business owners all over Indiana.

Take a look at what some of our small business owners say about Fight for Small:

Artemis Trail, a new company looking for investment capital. 

“I'm speechless!!! Your creative team took my idea and made it a reality that is truly above anything I could have imagined!” – Krystle Newcomb


A La Cart Projects, an entrepreneur who helps customers create DIY projects

“Great group to work with –They worked through the complexities of my business and my website needs & the website certainly met my expectations. They continue to support me in the small details as I use the site, and discover tweaks and changes.” – Jennifer Waligora


Penguin Innovations, start-up that created a virtual clean room educational tool

“Penguin Innovations pursued several options to create a website. After multiple refusals due to overwhelming workload, we learned of Fight For Small. From the word "go," Fight For Small has engaged us in a collaborative process to develop our website. As a technically-challenged individual, I have been most appreciative of Josh, Brooke, and a team who is willing to accept our level of competency and work with us toward a positive endpoint. This process started with a short timeline. Surprisingly, Fight For Small was motivated by the deadline and incredibly supportive in helping us meet our goal.” – Steve Abel


Scott Willis, political outsider who sought election to Indiana Senate District 20

“Fight For Small did my web design for my State Senate political campaign. The feedback I have been receiving about my website has been phenomenal. The staff is excellent and responsive to my needs.” – Scott Willis


Who we are and what we've become

The kind words pump us up, but we can always do better. Fight For Small is constantly improving and striving for better solutions. We can do more to nurture our clients throughout their entire customer experience. We can provide a more in-depth and customized experience for each and every client – from the plumbers and landscapers to the architects and dentists – who use our recurring marketing services.

It’s true, we’re not “yes” people. We’ll tell you when an idea stinks or admit when we’re wrong. We’re open to trying new ideas, and letting you know when your company might be better served by seeking an alternative path. We are your go-to Digital Marketing Coach. We can help you peel back the layers and tell your company’s story in the most digestible way to reach your ideal target audience.

We do that by walking you through what’s important. We start by building strong foundations. Typically that starts with a solid website, then we relay the importance of how to maintain and update it. But we need you to listen and learn, and be proactive instead of reactive. Your website needs quality content, and it’s imperative that you invest in consistent resources and tools, and update it regularly. Once you’ve established a firm website foundation, prepare a solid content marketing strategy and commit your whole voice to it.


Fight For Small is here to help

We are your partner, for better or worse, throughout your entire journey. While we learned how to survive this first year, we’re now focused on living well and helping our small business owners do the same. We know technology solves human problems. Let Fight For Small show you how to use it to maximize your company’s online presence. 

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