Score Big with Content Marketing Madness

Mar 16, 2017

Feeling like a cinderella team going up against a number one seed when it comes to understanding content marketing? Just because you are a small business operating with a small marketing budget doesn’t mean you can’t compete.

Just like any sport, good content marketing requires a great coach to show you the relevancy and value of playing the game, and consistent players with a buy-in on executing the game plan. Understand the what, why and how of content marketing with these buzzer-beating tips.


What is Content Marketing?


The secret to great content marketing lies in providing relevancy, value and consistency to new and existing customers. It’s about converting prospects into actual customers, and turning those customers into repeat buyers.

Let’s be clear. It’s not about pitching your products or services. That’s where many businesses often fail with content marketing. They’re so busy focusing on selling their product or service they forget to focus on helping their customers by providing truly useful information.

Do you have customers who’ve asked for advice, opinions or explanations related to your service or product? Your answers to those customers provides relevant and valuable information, and can easily be translated into content marketing for your business. By turning an ask into an informative blog, infographic or video, you’re sure to engage and grow your audience with an explosive slam dunk.


Why Do Content Marketing?


A good basketball player may exhibit an innate ability for handling the ball, but they’re also aware of the need to work as a team, and they research and practice the best plays. Content marketing for small businesses works in a similar fashion with the right tools.

Your customers may have a need, but they are not aware your company offers a solution. To help them in their buying journey, you must first identify your target audience and find out what questions they might have, and then make them aware by offering solutions without trying to sell them something.

The next step for most customers involves research and education. Once they are aware of a possible solution to their need, they begin researching the various options to determine which one fits their needs.

By providing insights, perspectives and best practices about that solution, customers will view your company as helpful and trustworthy. Then, bam, you’re off on a winning streak to gain new customers and promote loyalty with existing customers.


How Can I Do Content Marketing?


Just like the small-town Indiana high school basketball team featured in the movie, “Hoosiers,” the underdog small business is just a champion waiting to happen. Instead of telling your customers that you’re a rock star, you just need to show them with passion and perseverance.

Your company provides a high-quality product at a fair price, right? That’s really all customers want. Foul call! In today’s ever-increasing information overload, it’s never been more important to stand out from the crowd. Show your passion through relevant, educational, helpful, compelling, engaging and sometimes entertaining content.

By consistently posting helpful information through blogs, infographics, videos, etc., customers will see that you are engaging with your community around an idea instead of a product and they’ll seek out your content and want to consume it.

Let us help you find that glass slipper to transform your Cinderella team into a content marketing champion.

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